Productivity Savings Competitiveness 

with AI

What we do

AI business consulting

We advise companies how to optimise business through AI

Software development

We develop digital solutions from concept to maintenance

Team extension

We complete technological competence with specialists with the right skills and personality

We believe in Quick Wins

Quick wins are solutions that you can use immediately. It is our philosophy of instant benefits that we deliver to your business

How we do it How we do it

Make the most of what you have

We only implement solutions that really make a difference, using mainly existing resources.

Ensure your security

We provide full data security, legal protection and proper training for your employees.

We’ll deliver innovation

Around 1,600 new AI tools are released every week. We keep an eye on them all. For you.

How we optimise business     

Week 1
Gathering information
Week 2
Analysis and interviews
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Implementation and training

Duration of a medium-sized project

Implement AI in business processes in just 10 hours

Discover our implementations Discover our implementations


Project duration: 12 months

customer complaint handling time was reduced by as much (from 3 days to 8 hours), thanks to automated call analysis and chatbot-generated responses at our telecoms client


Project duration: 18 months

material ordering time was reduced by as much thanks to an automated stock monitoring and order generation system at our cosmetics client


Project duration: months

market analysis time was reduced by as much thanks to automated data analysis and report generation tools at our healthcare client