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What AI provides

Optimize your processes and get the best out of people. Implement practical AI solutions that your employees will love.

What AI can do for you


Automatically performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, learning and making ongoing decisions.

Inventory management
Quality control
Production planning
Customer service
Marketing personalization
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Payroll accounting
Project management

Data analysis

Instant analysis of large data sets: identifying patterns, trends and risks.

Personalization of offers
Process optimization
Detecting anomalies and fraud
Product/service improvement
Performance monitoring
Automating decisions
Creating recommendations


Identify patterns and outliers by analyzing data from various sources, such as sensors, cameras and computer networks.

Security alerts
Risk management
Performance analysis
Anomaly detection
Process improvement
Improving operational strategy

Customer service

Handling requests, generating answers by chatbots and supporting customers in real time.

Claims handling
Personalization of services
Monitoring customer satisfaction
Automatic responses to inquiries
Creating a knowledge base for customers
Automatic generation of customer service reports
Improving user experience


Anticipating events such as product demand, machine breakdowns or customer behavior.

Sales forecasts
Market trends
Product demand forecasting
Predicting machine failures
Forecasting customer behavior
Predicting changes in the market
Modeling future consumer trends

Consumer experience

Personalized recommendations of products, content, services and tests of prototypes.

Personalization of services
Personalized product recommendations
Personalized content recommendations
Personalized service recommendations
Testing product prototypes
Testing content prototypes
Testing service prototypes

Security and safety

Identify and neutralize cyber threats or financial fraud.

Preventing cyber attacks
Data protection
Identifying cyber threats
Neutralizing financial fraud
Network security monitoring
Automatic detection of attacks
Updates to security systems

Business processes

Improving various business processes, including supply chains, recruitment processes, logistics and warehouse management.

Production management
Warehouse management
Recruitment processes
Human resource planning
Supplier relationship management
Operational efficiency analysis
Order management
Quality control
Business risk management
Innovation management
Risk management and regulatory compliance
Automation of accounting processes
Organizational change management
Managing relationships between departments

Content optimization

Creating product or process descriptions, testing different versions of content, and personalizing content for specific audiences.

Product descriptions
SEO optimization
Content personalization
Creating content for different customer segments
Tailoring content to audience preferences
Content effectiveness analysis
Adapting content to market trends

Industries with the greatest potential for using AI

Banking and Insurance
Office and Administrative Support
Transportation and Logistics
Customer Service

Source: Gemini "Industries with the greatest potential for using artificial intelligence"

How we ensure your safety

Data is processed on the company’s local servers, so it never leaves the company’s environment.  Authorization processes include multi-level authentication using passwords, one-time codes or biometrics.

Data is encrypted during its creation or collection and remains encrypted during transmission and storage. Security protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) are additionally used to ensure their security.

The data are processed in a way that removes all identifying information. They are replaced with random data and unique identifiers for each data unit. The focus is on trends and patterns, not on specific individuals.

Regularly updated security systems include protection against various types of attacks, such as phishing, DDoS and malware. Data is stored in isolated environments, dedicated servers or private clouds.

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Automation of complaints handling

Sector Telecom


Verification of complaints by staff

Validation of complaints by customer service staff.

Manual administration of submissions

Describing and forwarding requests by customer service employees to relevant departments in the company.

Contact with customers

Preparing responses and personal contact with customers by customer service staff.

Average complaint handling time 3 days  


Automatic analysis of requests

Automatic analysis of the request's keywords and sentiment.

Automatic transfer

Automatic transfer of the request to the relevant department within the company.

Response generated by chatbot

Automatic preparation of the response transmitted to the customer by the chatbot.

Average complaint handling time 8 h Decrease of 73%  

Automation of the material ordering process

Sector Beauty


Monitoring of stock levels

Manual monitoring of material stock levels by purchasing team staff.


manual preparation of orders based on analysis and forecasts.

Contact with suppliers

Personal contact of purchasing staff with suppliers, negotiation and confirmation of orders.



Automatic monitoring

Automatic monitoring of material stock levels.

Automatic order generation

Automatic recommendation of optimum quantities and order generation.

Automatic order processing

Automatic communication with suppliers and placing of orders.

The team's work time on monitoring levels and placing orders has been reduced by 80%  

Automation of the market analysis process

Sector Healthcare


Data collection

Manual collection of data by analysts from various sources such as reports industry, social media and competitor websites

Analysis and forecast

analysis and forecasting of market trends done manually by analysts



Automatic data collection

automatic collection of data from various sources that uses text analysis and trend detection technology.

Automatic generation of reports

preparation of reports with key information on market trends, competitors performance and customer feedback. Use of reports by analysts for further analysis and decision-making.

The time required for market analysis has been reduced by 60%  

A partnership that comprehensively supports your business

Performance analysis
We analyze existing processes, identify requirements and measure the effectiveness of the implementations carried out.
Legal advice
We ensure the safe implementation of new technologies through our legal team specializing in artificial intelligence and commercial company law.
Research and development
We take advantage of our contacts and experience with R&D centers and find innovative solutions to your challenges.
Project financing
We acquire additional funds for the development of your business. We will help you write a project and get innovation grants.

Our process


  • First meeting and analysis of needs
  • Initial analysis of the possibility of implementing AI

Interviews and research

  • In-depth discussions with representatives of key departments
  • Analysis of processes in terms of applicability of AI tools

Recommendations for solutions

  • Presentation of AI solutions and tools tailored to specific company processes
  • The introduction of Quick Wins – solutions ready for immediate use

Implementation workshops

  • Step-by-step overview of the implementation process
  • Determination of success rates

Implementation of selected solutions

  • Implementation of recommended solutions by our team
  • (and/or) implementation of recommended solutions by the client’s team

Employee training

  • Practical training for employees in the use of the implemented tools


  • Analysis of the efficiency of the implemented tools
  • Validation of success rates

Facts and myths on AI

Your company’s safety is our top priority when implementing AI solutions. That’s why our company has a legal team that specializes in artificial intelligence law, commercial company law, constitutional law and personal property protection law in the context of the use of AI systems. These include data protection inspectors and people who work in the Artificial Intelligence Working Group of the Minister of Digitization and the Open Science Data Advisory Panel, among others.

AI solutions relieve employees of routine and time-consuming tasks, thus giving them more space for decision-making, creative work and development.

The time of each implementation depends on the specifics of the project. However, it happens that we implement the first optimizations just a few hours after the first contact. In line with our Quick WIns philosophy, even in large projects we quickly deliver benefits that the company can use right away – we optimize tools that already exist in the company or implement solutions that already exist in the market.

The cost of each implementation depends on the specifics of the company and the processes operating in it. However, we primarily offer our clients to implement ready-to-use solutions, which are usually much cheaper than creating software from scratch. More than 1.5 thousand new tools using artificial intelligence appear every week. We have knowledge and experience in using AI technologies. It allows us to quickly and effectively map a company’s key processes, and then recommend and implement optimal solutions. This translates into visible, measurable value for the organization.